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As a writer Karen Reeder’s true desire is to entertain people who read her stories. With some of her short stories Karen hopes to help people feel connected who have struggled in life and worked through overcoming life’s struggles. Her wish is that her books will give encouragement to others, give them a feeling that they are not alone, as well as helping those who have gone through challenges to know they can overcome any struggle and make a new life that they love. Karen wants to bring joy to anyone who reads her stories and hopefully introduce the healing properties of reading to others.

Karen’s obsession for words and books began at an early age. She grew up in Denver, Colorado and one of her defining experiences relating to books happened at the end of Kindergarten. The library bookmobile is a treasured memory that defined Karen’s love of books and during the summer she would wait with anticipation for the next visit and the thrill of looking through all the books. From that moment on Karen loved to read books and as a result learned she loved to write. Karen knew in second grade she wanted to become a writer.

Karen worked full time jobs, managing to support herself and pay for college. She worked during the days and took classes at night. Karen began college working toward a degree in Psychology, even though she had continued to write, she wanted to help others with the pain and challenges many encounter in life. Karen was six months from finishing her degree when she married and within the first year of marriage had her son, she postponed college and completing her degree while she had another son and raised her boys. Karen continued to write and introduce the love of books and reading to her boys. Once both boys were in school Karen decided to resume her goal of obtaining her college degree. At this point; however, Karen knew she would be dividing her time between finishing school, family and starting a career, so she gave some serious thought to what she felt the most passionate about in life. She knew she wanted to help others and she loved to write; therefore, she decided to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing. Karen graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a BA in English specializing in Creative Writing, Summa Cum Laude in the spring of 2016. 

Karen is currently working on writing many short stories; she has plans for two novels, and is in the process of working on one of the novels. 

One thought on “Author Bio”

  1. Dear Karen, your post has inspired me to continue with my own writing career. There are times when I want to quit. I let things get in the way of my writing sometimes, but your goal in writing is the same as mine. I want to make people smile; make people happy and help them with their struggles. Thanks, Karen!
    Kim Gardner


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