Today being Mother’s Day seemed like the perfect time to write about my mom and mother’s.
My mom has been an amazing example to me and my other siblings for so many reasons. I believe my mom is such a strong and incredible woman. She has gone through so many different struggles and adversity, and many of these on her own. Her strength is that through all the struggles she has always shown kindness, gentleness, love, patience, and generosity. She has never had a bad word to say about others, she sees someone in need and helps them, even if she is struggling.
Growing up I always had what I needed because of my mom. I had breakfast, lunch, dinners, and amazing desserts that my mom just naturally made. I had a beautiful home that was always organized and clean, clothes when I needed them, entertainment, and someone there when I needed. I saw my mom as “a mom” and that is who she was, she was always there when I needed and must have anticipated my needs because when I needed something it was there. Many of us, sadly not everyone, but many people can relate to the perspective of seeing mom as just “a mom”. With my mom I saw her this way, not on purpose because I thought less of her, but because she was such an amazing mom who wanted to do everything she could for her kids.

Mom with her grandboys!

After I had kids, and now as I am trying to get my writing career going, I have looked at my mom in a different light. I do everything I can for my kids, and like my mom probably do a little too much for them because I love them and want them to be happy. But I have days when I get frustrated trying to juggle taking care of my family and my writing career. I wonder if they even notice that I am trying to accomplish a dream and goal I have when they interrupt my writing for the 15th time to ask what snacks we have for them to eat or if I will go to the store because we are out of everything, or I need to run them to what ever sport or school thing is happening. I then began to realize that they see me in the same way I always saw my mom. I do everything they need, just like my mom did for me. I felt this way about my mom because no matter what I needed she dropped everything to be there for me, and this is what makes her amazing. 

I began wondering then, what dreams did she have when she was younger? I know she wanted to be a wife and a mom, and she accomplished being an incredible mom to seven kids, but was this all. Did she want other things as well, did she have any goals other than being a mom, did she have any dreams that after years of taking care of a husband and seven kids that she forgot? She turned 84 this year and unfortunately her memory has declined a lot, and I wish I had come to this realization years ago. I wish I could have asked her what dreams she ever had so that I could have maybe been there to encourage her toward a dream that she always wanted so I could have given something back to her after years of her giving up for me. 

I encourage anyone who reads this and has an amazing mom like I do, maybe look at them a bit different today and see them as a person just like you, who may have dreams, goals, and interests outside of their family. We celebrate moms today for being mom’s, which is awesome because all moms deserve a day to be celebrated for everything they do on a daily basis. This year though, for those adult children, I encourage you to see them as more than a mom, find out what dreams they have or had that may have fallen to the side while raising their children, and maybe encourage them for a change. 

I want to tell every Mother out there that you are needed, important, special in what they do, and are doing amazing work everyday. 

I especially want my amazing Mom to know that she is the closest thing to a perfect mom that I could have ever been blessed with. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


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