Terms and Conditions

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming to my blog and website to look around. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about my content and blog posts, and I also want to be transparent and honest about my expectations for my site. I want everyone to feel welcome but will not tolerate any abusive, bullying, or degrading comments of any kind; whether directed at me or any of my readers. I will decide what is deemed offensive and abusive language and therefore will either delete the comments or ban your comments if it continues after the first warning. 

I know what I post will not be how everyone thinks but I feel I am an open-minded person who loves to hear how others think, so I hope my readers can be the same way. Share your views and opinions with me if you agree and even if your view is different, I love to learn how others think and believe this is the best way to understanding others around us. Just make sure that while you are free to disagree with me and other readers, it must be expressed in a respectful manner. 

Enjoy my website but keep it clean and kind! 

We are more Powerful when we empower each other.

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